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  • a versatile system for EMG/NCS/EP testing

    The Dantec Keypoint EMG/NCS/EP Workstation ensures a quick path to diagnostic accuracy. Keypoint’s fourth generation sets new standards for test quality and flexibility, providing optimized workflow from acquisition to final report. In today’s medical diagnostic environment, the clinical practitioner is confronted with an overwhelming amount of data for interactive analysis. Keypoint.NET software is designed to meet this challenge with an exclusive suite of flexible, customizable features to improve quality based performance.

    Keypoint® G4 Workstation
    The Keypoint Workstation now includes a number of features that increase comfort and productivity

    High performance amplifiers for consistent recordings
    22” flexible LCD display
    Loudspeaker, PC and all cabling are safely hidden in cart console
    Portable control panel for mouse free operation
    Advanced features for quantitative EMG, SF-EMG and tremor analysis
    On-line comparison to reference values
    Microsoft Windows® 7 based application
    Hardware Configurations:
    Available as either a 3, 6, or 8-channel with single or dual current stimulator. Built-in auditory or visual stimulator.  

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