Endeavor™ IOM Systems

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  • Especialidad medica: Neurología
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  • The Endeavor™ system is a compact and mobile system with optimal multi-modality capabilities dedicated to intraoperative monitoring that maintains high standards of signal quality. The flexibility of the Endeavor helps optimize your work flow so the right information is available at the right time. Highest quality 16 channel amplifiers provide you 44 available inputs, giving you the peace of mind and confidence that your data are accurate and reliable.

    Our intraoperative monitoring systems, combined with our needles, probes, disposable electrodes, connectivity to your information system, our extensive field service organization, and clinical support, give you a comprehensive solution to your intraoperative monitoring needs.

    Over 50 years of technical expertise in high quality amplifier technology and clinical knowledge providing you with accurate and reliable data.
    Flexible software interface quickly gives you the information needed during each stage of monitoring.
    Small compact design of components and minimal cables decrease both set-up time and the space needed to provide efficient monitoring.
    Consistent and timely delivery of needles, disposable electrodes, probes, and other accessories ensures you have a comprehensive solution to your monitoring needs.

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