Ultrasonido Samsung UGEO H60

  • Categoria: Ultrasonido
  • Marca: Otra
  • Especialidad medica: Clínica Médica
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  •     The hybrid beamforming engine gives the H60 high 4D processing power
        18.5” HD LED monitor and 10.1″ touch screen for navigation
        High-end 4D features such as Volume NT & IT, 3D XI, XI STIC
        Slim & lightweight
        Excellent ergonomics and workflow with up-to-date H/W and S/W features
        e-Motion Marker: displays the direction of the transducer’s beam plane on screen
        Mechanical 4D probes (3D2-6, VD4-8, 3D 4-9)
        Highly responsive electrostatic touchscreen
        Customizable keys on CP & touchscreen
        Digital TGC on touchscreen
        Gel warmer

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