Ultrasonido Samsung UGEO HM70A

  • Categoria: Ultrasonido
  • Marca: Otra
  • Especialidad medica: Clínica Médica
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  •     Affordable midrange 4D solution with great price vs. performance
        Slim and lightweight (6.1Kg, 13.7lb)
        EZ-Exam: transforms multiple steps into a streamlined process
        HDVI (High Definition Volume Imaging) quickly renders 4D images at the touch of a button
        Full Screen Mode: Expand the image area to fit the entire screen
        HD ADVR™, integrated DVD (720 x 480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080), permits simultaneous scanning and recording,
        1 mechanical 4D convex probe (VN4-8)
        4D modes: Surface 3D, Multi-slice, Multi-planar, & real time 4D

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