Ultrasonido Philips Epiq 7

  • Categoria: Ultrasonido
  • Marca: Otra
  • Especialidad medica: Clínica Médica
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  •     The successor to the iU22 with xMTRIX
        nSIGHT (the most advanced Philips beamforming)
        21.5” LED monitor and 12” tablet-like touchscreen for navigation
        Advanced workflow: iSCAN for B/C/D and 4D
        Extremely light and quiet
        xMATRIX X6-1 transducer: no frame rate penalty
        X6-1: 2D, 4D, Live Xplane, Live MPR, MRP, Doppler, Color Doppler & CPA
        Single crystal PureWave probes: Transvaginal C10-3v, Convex C9-2 & C5-1
        2D Endocavitary transducers: C10-3v, C10-4ec
        WideSCAN: expanded field of view during SonoCT imaging
        High performance wide footprint linear (50mm)
        SonoCT real-time compounding imaging
        XRES: noise and artifact reduction for improved tissue & border definition
        20 second sleep mode, transport mode with battery for 45 minutes
        xMATRIX 3D Panoramic: spatial relationship between structures
        Strain based elastography for breast imaging (L18-5 & L12-5)
        Strain based elastography for gynecological imaging (C10-3v)
        Shearwave elastography available
        Fetal Heart Navigator (FHN) acquire fetal heart volume in 2 seconds
        Full OB/GYN measurement package and flexible report format

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