Ultrasonido GE Logiq P6

  • Categoria: Ultrasonido
  • Marca: Otra
  • Especialidad medica: Clínica Médica
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  •     Proven, highly mobile and multipurpose with a wide range of applications
        17″ LCD monitor on a freely articulating arm
        Raw Data Format: Ability to post process images after scanning
        3 active probe ports
        High performance linear transducers and hockey-stick probe for operations
        Customizable report designer
        Real-time Auto Doppler Calculations
        Full vascular measurement package
        Automatic tissue optimization for B/C/D
        Excellent image quality with advanced SRI (Speckle reduction)
        CrossXBeam: Compound imaging
        5 different linear probes with a wide frequency range
        Hockey stick and intraoperative transducers
        ViewPoint: Electronic reporting and image management

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