Ultrasonido Philips CX50

  • Categoria: Ultrasonido
  • Marca: Otra
  • Especialidad medica: Clínica Médica
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  •     Premium imaging performance at a high-end price
        iSCAN: Image Auto Optimization for B/D
        Excellent image quality from SonoCT real-time image compounding
        Advanced XRES: eliminates virtually all speckle noise & enhances border definition
        AutoSCAN continuously optimizes the image based on brightness and TGC
        xMatrix transducer X7-2t adult transesophegeal
        3 Single Crystal probes: C3-10v transvaginal, C5-1 convex, S5-1 sector
        High performance linear probes & hockey stick probe for the operation room
        Optional cart can connect up to three transducers at once
        Intelligent Doppler: automatically maintains pre-selected 0/60° flow angle
        Active native data: allows manipulation of raw image data
        QLAB: easy to use vascular quantification tools (embedded or PC based)
        QLAB: IMT measurement
        QLAB: MVI microvascular imaging
        SmartExam system-guided protocol
        Live Compare: allows recall of current or previous exam image data for direct side-by-side comparison
        Full vascular measurement package and flexible report format
        Needle visualization
        Active native data: fine-tune exams during or after scanning
        Interventional cardiology: 4D TEE and ICE
        4D TEE provides assistance in cardiac valve surgery & anesthesiology planning
        MVQ: Mitral valve quantification for precise 3D multiplanar reconstruction
        MPR: measurements of the mitral valve anatomy and structures with 4D TEE
        iSCAN: automatic image optimization
        Designed for diagnostic, interventional, surgical and pediatric echo
        Breakthrough 2D ICE (View Flex Xtra catheter)
        Fully integrated with Philips interventional X-ray systems
        EchoNavigator: supports advanced structural repairs
        CMQ: (cardiac motion quantification) assess global & regional cardiac function

    Philips CX50 Portable Ultrasound Machine

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