Piston Nebulizer Meganeb Plus

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  • Higher power for higher nebulization rate that increases the effectiveness of the treatment.
    Aerosoltherapy appliance provided with piston compressor with high performances and nonstop working.
    High operative pressure ensures a fast nebulisation time and particle dimension therapeutically effective, also thanks to the 2 speeds Neboplus Ampul which allows a targeted therapy according to the disease to treat.
    Big compartment case for accessories, easy to clean.
    Handle, cable winder and spare filter.
    Elegant and functional design, crash proof plastic case.

    Operating pressure:1 bar
    Free flow:15 Ipm
    Operating time:non stop
    Configuration 1 - open plug:0,62 ml/min
    Configuration 1 - closed plug:0,39 ml/min
    Configuration 1:MMAD 7,00 μm
    Configuration 2 - open plug:0,54 ml/min
    Configuration 2 - closed plug:0,28 ml/min
    Configuration 2:MMAD 4,34 μm
    Configuration 3 - open plug:0,34 ml/min
    Configuration 3 - closed plug:0,20 ml/min
    Configuration 3:MMAD 2,82 μm
    Noise level at 1 m:35 dBA
    Warranty:3 years

    *Datas variable depending on the medicine used. Data measured through
    laser diffraction technology using a physiological solution. Datas obtained
    by nebulising 4 ml of physiological solution.

    Technical specifications are indicative. All information contained in the website and in downloadable or visible online documentation related to medical devices have no character or nature of advertising.
    In any form they are made, all the contents have informative nature intended solely for pharmacists doctors and sector professionals. A different Warrantyperiod can be agreed with the company. NORDITALIA reserves the right to change technical, functional, performance and aesthetic specifications without notice.

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