Blood Pressure Monitor BP-520

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  • Blood pressure monitor wrist-type fully automatic.
    Extrimely accurate. Easy to use: measure with the push of a button.
    Large display with touch buttons technology that prevent inlet of liquids and dirt.
    180 memories available for one user or 90 memories for two users.
    Advanced memory with the possibility of analyzing the average of the values measured in the morning, in the afternoon and the average of the last three measurements and of all the stored values.
    Indication of irregular pulse and blood pressure out of suggested values.

    Automatic fuzzy logic.
    Memory:2 users x 90 memories
    Measurement memory with date and time.
    Irregular pulse indicator.
    Protection box.
    Battery included:2 (AAA) batteries
    Pressure accuracy:± 3 mmHg
    Heartbeat accuracy:± 5%
    Warranty:2 years

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