Handheld 12-Lead Electrocardiograph, Meditech EKG1

  • Categoria: Absorbedores de CO2
  • Marca: Meditech
  • Especialidad medica: CardiologÝa
  • Tipo de operacion: Venta
  • Estado: Nuevo
  • EKG101T
    EKG101T Smart handheld single channel ECG with interpretation, Color & Touch screen,

    Digital isolation technology and signal processing solution, digital filter,
    Patient management, Name: ____. Age: ____ ID: _____. Sex: M / F with touch keyboard.

    Storage more than 450 exam,
    Built-in lithium rechargeable battery,
    Auto-measurement, auto-analysis and auto-interpretation. USB and LAN socket
    Comes with PC Software and USB Connector

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